MetaMask Wallet Review 2022 – Is Metamask Safe?

Users can transact on the Ethereum blockchain using the user-friendly hot wallet MetaMask. Newer cryptocurrency users will be drawn to its simplicity when attempting to connect to various decentralized finance apps (dApps) using the MetaMask browser extension. Users of MetaMask can trade cryptocurrencies in privacy and anonymity because it doesn’t collect any personal information about them. The security feature known as two-factor authentication (2FA) is absent from MetaMask, however, and it does not support Bitcoin.

What is MetaMask Wallet?

You can use a mobile app or a browser extension to access the Ethereum hot wallet MetaMask. You can keep Dai, USD Coin, and other ERC-20 tokens in addition to Ether. Avalanche, Polygon, the BNB blockchain of Binance, and a number of test networks are additional platforms where MetaMask operates.

Users can interact with a number of dApps and NFT marketplaces using the wallet. With MetaMask, tokens and NFTs can be purchased and stored. You can link your account to a hardware wallet to store funds for the long term.

When completing a transaction, MetaMask allows you to change the transaction fees and select the gas price you want to pay from a range of options. The MetaMask service fee ranges from 0.3% to 0.875% depending on the size of the transaction.

You won’t be asked for any personal information during the wallet’s quick setup. Newer cryptocurrency users and those looking for a straightforward, anonymous storage solution for their assets should consider MetaMask.

Pros & Cons Of Metamask Wallet


  • Open-source
  • User interface is easy for beginners to grasp
  • Portal into a variety of Ethereum dapps
  • Used to access the Ethereum blockchain
  • Integrations with Ledger devices


  • A “hot” wallet – security concerns
  • Somewhat confusing interface
  • Uses Infura as the default backend
  • Only supports Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens

How Does The Metamask Wallet Work?

With supported browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Brave, MetaMask is one of the best crypto wallets for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain network. Through the mobile app, users can also access ETH wallets. It integrates with JavaScript by adding a Web 3.0 object to the user’s platform. Only a function is added by this process, allowing access to the ETH platform.

Overall, swaps, dApp access, and storage are the three main functions of the MetaMask wallet. Together, these features provide everything a typical cryptocurrency user would need to interact with Ethereum.

Is Metamask Safe?

With MetaMask, security is one area where things can become a little complicated. It should be noted that because MetaMask is not an Ethereum full node, it is not the best wallet to use for people who want as much decentralization as possible. The Ethereum servers that users use to access data about what is happening on the Ethereum blockchain are not even run by MetaMask. They delegate this task to Infura, which has previously come under fire for serving as a single point of failure for the larger Ethereum network. Having said all of this, it should be noted that advanced users can, if they so choose, connect their MetaMask wallets to their own Ethereum full nodes.

Since MetaMask is so well-liked in the Ethereum community, hackers have occasionally targeted it. The most frequent and successful attack that has taken place more than once involved nefarious individuals producing an inferior, malicious version of the MetaMask software and tricking new users into downloading it rather than the genuine MetaMask wallet. Once money was sent to the wallet by the new user, their coins would be taken right away. Making sure you are always downloading the genuine MetaMask software is the best way to prevent this kind of attack. Always be on the lookout for that because hackers frequently buy Google Ads for search terms relating to MetaMask and other Ethereum wallets.

Can I Set Up Multiple Accounts

MetaMask enables you to set up multiple accounts in your wallet, eliminating the need for multiple wallets for various uses. If you want to keep your NFT trading account and a business account separate, for instance, this could be useful.

You’ll use the same password and secret recovery phrase to sign in to each account, even though each one has a unique private key and public key. Each account can be given a name, and MetaMask makes switching between them simple.

How To Set Up Your Metamask Wallet

Simple and requiring very little personal information, setting up your MetaMask wallet is easy. Within a few minutes, your wallet can be configured and ready to trade.

Step 1: Download MetaMask

First, you must download the MetaMask program from the company’s website. The MetaMask browser extension installation will then be requested of you. To get going, you can also download the smartphone app.

Step 2: Create a wallet

You must create a password and remember or record a secret recovery phrase in order to create your wallet. That’s it, I’m done. You are not required to provide a username, email address, or any other personal data.

Step 3: Start using MetaMask

You can start using the wallet after securing your secret recovery phrase. You can tinker with the settings, connect your hardware wallet, connect to other dApps, and begin trading your cryptocurrency.

Is Metamask Legit & Reliable?

Users have long been concerned that using a software or hardware wallet could result in money loss from super hacks, theft, and other unlikely occurrences, according to this MetaMask wallet review. In actuality, the scenario is very easy to comprehend. The majority of users who lose cryptocurrency funds do so due to social engineering schemes rather than hacks. It refers to some crooks operating from a remote location online who coerce users into typing their seed phrase by making them appear trustworthy and dependable.

The seed phrases essentially serve as a password to protect one’s cryptocurrency holdings in the MetaMask wallet. Once the user divulges the seed phrase, thieves can recreate the crypto wallet and take all of the funds out of it. However, the MetaMask wallet employs extremely potent seed phrases that are extremely challenging for even the most skilled hackers to encrypt. This guarantees the constant safety and security of MetaMask wallet accounts.

Metamask Pricing And Fees

Based on the current activity of the ETH network, all transactions made through MetaMask include a default gas fee. Higher gas default fees are necessary due to more activities. Before payments are approved, the fee is also disclosed on the MetaMask app.

Wallets like MetaMask offer users the ability to increase the fee and set gas limits to prevent unforeseen transaction costs. On the Ethereum network, high gas fees encourage faster transaction times, and vice versa. The swap feature of the MetaMask wallet, which makes it simple to exchange Ether tokens for a wide range of ERC-20 tokens, was recently made available.

In order to find the best exchange rates and fees, the wallet performs swaps by scouring several DEXs. However, take note that MetaMask charges service fees ranging from 0.3% to 0.875% for providing this service.

Disclaimer: Users should be aware that setting a low gas fee can cause transactions to be slow or stuck, which prevents miners—who are typically motivated by a high gas fee—from picking up the transactions. The transaction might not be sent to the ETH blockchain as a result.


A variety of digital assets and networks are supported by the safe and user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask. Users can access decentralized applications on the Ethereum network using the wallet as well. Users of MetaMask can access live support for free and get assistance with any problems they may be having. Both novice and seasoned investors can benefit from using this cryptocurrency wallet.

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