Crypto money laundering up by one third in 2021

A new Chainalysis report has revealed that $8.6 billion in value was laundered through cryptocurrency in 2021. It marks a 25% increase from 2020, but still remains well below the high watermark hit in 2019. That year $10.9 billion in value was laundered via cryptocurrency. Since 2017, Chainalysis estimates that a total of $33.4 billion … Read more

Why did the word ‘altcoin’ lose its relevance

All cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin (BTC) were first described as altcoins for a single reason: There was a rise of projects that copied and pasted Bitcoin’s source code. The cryptocurrencies in the early stages weren’t unique enough to have a distinctive term, so “altcoin” (alternative coins) best fit their description. The community, at that point, … Read more

How do you evaluate altcoins

​Altcoin fundamental analysis involves looking at and evaluating all available information on an altcoin. It involves looking at the cryptocurrency’s use cases and its network, as well as the team behind the project, to fully understand and evaluate the best altcoins to buy. When analyzing altcoins, or any cryptocurrency for that matter, the goal is … Read more