3air ditches Cardano blockchain

Africa-focused blockchain internet company 3air has officially abandoned the Cardano blockchain in favor of SKALE, a network powered by Ethereum, after reporting a “massive talent shortage” for Haskell developers. The skillset for Haskell, which is Cardano’s primary programming language, appears to be in short supply, according to 3air CEO Sandi Bitenc. After spending months actively … Read more

Cardano Surpasses Ethereum

According to data provided by Messari, Cardano is ahead of Ethereum in terms of transaction volume over the past 24 hours ($7.02 billion and $5.41 billion, respectively). The two rival cryptocurrencies are neck-and-neck when it comes to adjusted transaction volume. Notably, Cardano users only paid $66,058 in transaction fees during the last 24 hours compared … Read more