How to Mine Ethereum Classic in 2023 – Complete Guide


Visit the How to Mine Ethereum page for details on mining ETC. This article discusses mining Ethereum Classic. The foundation of proof-of-work cryptocurrencies like Ethereum Classic is mining. By processing blocks of transactions and adding them to the blockchain, mining allows a cryptocurrency network to maintain network security. The best way to mine some coins … Read more

TrustDice Review (2022) – Pros & Cons / Scam or Legit?


Online casinos using cryptocurrencies are becoming more prevalent. Casino patrons now look for games that accept bitcoin as payment. It is best to read the review of any online casino game that accepts cryptocurrency payments before playing. TrustDice is one such online gambling establishment that offers customers cryptocurrency payment options. You can read our TrustDice … Read more

Earn Free 50,000 Tokens on BtcAdv Every 2 Minutes Without Investment

btcadv review

BtcAdv is a legal platform! It is possible to make money on the platform or obtain 12 kinds of digital currencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, and dogecoin. This is the positive feedback of users to BtcAdv. BtcAdv users have initiated 26184 withdrawal applications. However, we should note that it is difficult for us to obtain … Read more

How Do I Earn More Money on BitPaye – BitPaye Review

How Do I Earn More Money on BitPaye BitPaye Review

BitPaye is a new “pay per click website” where you can make money from your activities, mainly by watching advertisements.Here are all possible ways of BitPaye. Bitpaye provides users with opportunities to make money:1-PTC Ads2-Short Link3-Offer Wall (Update)4-Faucet BitPaye Brief Introduction BitPaye is an excellent advertising platform and it also provides Free Crypto Faucet, PTC … Read more

Before you sell Ethereum

Whether you buy it or mine it, sooner or later you may feel that you are better off selling your Ethereum (ETH). Your reasons for it may vary: you may simply decide that the number of businesses allowing direct purchases with Ethereum is still too small, or you have planned to sell your Ethereum for … Read more

How to use UniSwap

There are several ways in which users can get started using the Uniswap DEX such as the MetaMask wallet, the Trust Wallet, and the Coinbase wallet. Because Uniswap is an open-source protocol, many DEXs with the suffix “swap” have been released into the market. These protocols are essentially copies of the original Uniswap source code. … Read more

How are new Ether coins created

Ether coins are created through a process called mining. It is done by solving resource-intensive problems using computer hardware, without any central entity monitoring this process. Every 13.2 seconds (on average), a new block is added to the Ethereum blockchain, which is done by calculating the address of the new block. Each network node tries … Read more

Why are ETH coins valuable

ETH derives its value from supply and demand, like all other cryptocurrencies. An important factor that influences the demand for ETH is that ETH is needed to cover for all computational fees done on the Ethereum network. This means that any digital asset or smart contract using the Ethereum network requires ETH to operate, and … Read more