Esfaucet Review 2022 – Can I Earn Free Ethereum From It?

Although ESCoin is owned by ESFaucet, it cannot be traded. Claiming the coin is as easy as using a faucet, then you can use the website to exchange it for Bitcoin or Dogecoin.

Through their faucet website, you can receive approximately 100 coins for each claim. Because the claiming period lasts for 25 minutes every 25 minutes, you must wait 25 minutes before reclaiming ESCoin. The most annoying and useless requirement is the hCaptcha captcha, which must be completed.

ES Faucet Overview 

The website ES Faucet combines a faucet with paid-to-click advertisements, videos, and offers. The website describes ESFaucet as a multi-bitcoin faucet with features that let users claim free Ethereum or other cryptocurrency every minute and every second.

Since its launch in 2019, the ESFaucet has been used more than 132,114,383 times by more than 285K registered users worldwide.

Additionally, users have already received payments totaling thousands of dollars. It supports a number of well-known cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Doge, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, Tron, BAT, and Zcash. In the future, they intended to add a few more coins.

It currently 8 different currencies, in addition to its own in-site token “ES-Coin”

● Bitcoin 

● Ethereum 

● Litecoin 

● Ripple 

● Stellar 

● Digibyte 

● Dogecoin 

● Basic Attention Token 

What Exactly Is EsCoin?

Their faucet is difficult to use and pays little. Due to the volume of advertising, it can be challenging to find the appropriate “Click on me” button (you must scroll down), as some advertisements also include “Click on me” buttons.

You can earn money by clicking on their Paid to Click advertisements in addition to using the faucet. The advantages of not having to maintain the advertisement’s focus outweigh the financial expense. That implies that there are other tasks you can complete in the interim. The main issue is that after every advertisement, you must complete a bothersome captcha. Since it takes so long to complete, it is difficult.

Unbelievably, the minimum withdrawal amount for bitcoin is just 11000 Satoshis. If you send money to Coinbase, you won’t be charged anything. One other Bitcoin wallet charges a fee of 25000 Satoshis, Categorical Crypto charges a fee of 5%, and Faucetpay charges a fee of 10%. That is absurd, and for those who choose to use PTCO.BTCNewz, you must use Coinbase to avoid losing a significant amount of money when withdrawing.

How to Use the ES Faucet to Earn Free Crypto?

On ES Faucet, there are currently 6 different ways to make money! 

● Faucets

Claim your preferred coin or all of them as often as every 30 minutes. Bonuses like Daily Loyalty and Offer bonuses, which are obtained by completing offers like surveys, can help you increase the amount of your claim.

Any faucet that accepts coins can be used to make a claim. The faucet button can be found on the right after logging in. You must first select a coin, click the button that says “Click Here To Claim,” then enter the correct answer to the captcha before clicking the “Claim” button. By claiming every day, you can increase your earnings.

● Paid to Click

Earn Satoshi by visiting websites for a set period of time. After clicking the Claim PTC button, the PTC page will appear on the new tab. PTC ads are available for you to view and click on to earn free coins.

● Videos

By watching videos online, you can gain ESCoin. 500–700 ESCoin is the typical earning from watching videos. You can currently earn a total of 2500 ESCoin by watching the 6 videos they currently have available.

● Offers

Various offers, like surveys or app installations, must be completed to earn. One of the best and highest paying ways to get free coins is through offers. From each offer you complete in this game, you can get up to 100,000 coins.

● Miner

Earn by mining through your browser. Depending on the threads you choose, mining will use more CPU power while it is running on your computer or device. A higher hash rate will result from more threads, but more CPU usage.

Any device can be used to mine, and the hashes are good. Please use low thread in order to avoid overheating.

● Bonuses – You can get weekly bonuses once you reach a certain level on the website. 

Exists a program for referrals?

Those who recommend others to ESFaucet do, after all, receive benefits. Each claim that you suggest earns you a 20% referral fee. ESFaucet gives it to you as a bonus rather than significantly reducing the amount of money your referral earns. In addition, if you want to promote them on your blog, they have some banner ads available. A few of these commercials have good production values and appealing visuals.

Final Verdict

Time-wasters shouldn’t include ESFaucet. The site is difficult to use, the earnings are low to medium, and it may be heavily ad-filled. Their faucet doesn’t feel particularly enjoyable to use, and their earnings are way too low. However, everything is working and they have paid their customers over the past two years (we saw several payment proofs on numerous web pages), so we believe it is safe to use ESFaucet / PTCO.BTCNewz.

The owners seem to be game and software developers, and while I can’t say whether they are experts at what they do, it is obvious that they aren’t skilled in web design. Their YouTube channel demonstrates their ability to produce high-caliber movies, so they should keep going forward. Their Crypto Faucet currently gives the impression that usability was not given much thought during creation.

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